Probability of Compound Event

Probability of Compound Event

Author: Vickie Davis

By the end of this lesson, students will correctly determine the probability of compound events.

The tutorial includes a video from Khan Academy which shows how to determine simple probabilities and write the probabilities as fractions.  The video shows how to write a sample space and, once determining the probability of a compound event, how to check your answer from the sample space.

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Homework, page 793

Complete #6-18, evens

Remember - you have the option to log onto the online textbook if you do not have the book.  Go to my web site for login information.

Source: Mrs. Davis

Real-world problem

Horse Racing

Assuming each of the 12 horses has an equally likely chance of winning each of the three races comprising the Triple Crown, and that the same 12 horses participate in each race, what is the probability, rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent, that the same horse wins all three races?

a) 0.1%

b) 0.7%

c) 2.8%

d) 6.0%

e) 27.8%

Remember to show your work and be ready to discuss with your group how you determined your answer.