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Problem-Based Learning

Problem-Based Learning

Author: Ashley Sweatt

In this lesson, you will analyze the theories and application of problem based learning

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Notes on "Problem-Based Learning"


(00:00 - 00:17) Introduction

(00:18 - 00:40) What Will You Learn Today?

(00:41 - 01:35) What is the Theory Behind PBL?

(01:36 - 03:12) What is Problem-Based Learning?

(03:13 - 03:48) What Are the Steps of PBL?

(03:49 - 04:23) Why is Problem-Based Learning Significant?

(04:24 - 05:08) How Does PBL Connect to the 5 Principles of Personalized Learning?

(05:09 - 05:52) What Did You Learn Today?

(05:53 - 06:24) Reflection


Additional Resources

Speaking of Teaching: Problem-Based Learning

This article from the Stanford University newsletter is a comprehensive look at problem based learning. In addition to providing an overview, this article provides clear steps to develop ill-structured problems-- a cornerstone of problem based learning. The right hand side of the article includes tips for teachers as they implement problem based learning in their classroom.

Problem-Based Learning at University of Delaware

This website offers an overview of problem based learning for teachers. In addition, if you click on the link on the right hand side of the site, you will find a clearinghouse of problems that you can use with your class. By clicking on the Resources tab, you will find additional lessons and tools to use to implement problem based learning in your classroom.