Problem Solving 5-6

Problem Solving 5-6

Author: Nancy Gandy

Students will check for reasonableness by making sure their calculations answer the questions asked and by using estimation to make sure the calculation was performed correctly.

Answers to problems should always be checked for reasonableness and this can be done in different ways. Two ways are to use estimation and to check the answer against the question and conditions in the problem.

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Solve Word Problems - Keywords

Source: Adreanna Pankow

How to Solve Math Story Problems (Steps)

How To Solve Math Story Problems
1. Underline the question
2. Circle the key words
3. Will you +, -, x, or ?
4. Write down the math problem (such as 56-14 =?)
5. Compute the answer
6. Be sure to label the answer for full credit
7. Check your work