3 Tutorials that teach Problems with Kantian Deontology
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Problems with Kantian Deontology

Problems with Kantian Deontology

Author: Megan Welle

Identify common problems surrounding Kantian deontology

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Notes on "Problems with Kantian Deontology"


(00:00 - 00:24) Introduction

(00:25 – 01:13) Moral Luck

(01:14 – 02:22) Ethics in Action: Murder

(02:23 – 02:52) Ethics in Action II: Defusing a Bomb

(02:53 – 03:41) Ethics in Action III: Infidelity

(03:42 – 04:53) Knowing Less is Easier?

(04:54 – 05:18) Reason

(05:19 – 06:22) Conflicts in Duty

(06:23 – 08:14) Summary