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Author: mario fierro-hernandez

Classify the last step in the creative process, production.

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Hi everyone, my name is Mario. And I'd like to welcome you to today's lesson on production. So we'll learn about the last step in the creative process, which is production. And show you a few examples of just how we got there.

So as always, feel free to stop, fast forward, and rewind at your own pace. And then when you're ready to go, let's get started. We'll get started in this lesson by defining production.

And production is the process of creation and is the final step in the design project. So basically, once the visual design is fully refined and the client happy to move forward with the project, this is where the production step begins and the product is created, which is of course the best part to finally enter the production phase. It's just the greatest feeling. And we're going to take a look at two different examples in two different fields; video games and web design. So let's jump into that.

So in this example, a digital poster has gone into production, that will later be used as a loading graphic for a video game called Left for Dead. Which is actually a quite popular zombie game for those of you who are interested. And if not, I'm sure your kids are already playing it or did at some point. I'm sure they love it.

But anyways you can see that as we learned from past lessons, refinements are made to the piece, until we end up with our final that's ready to go into the final product. So this is what that looks like when it's inside the game, while you're waiting for your game to start. And now let's jump into our next example, which is a very quick and dirty look at web design being set up and put together.

And once that's all set up, coded, and get ready to go, then its own domain gets tossed online. And then you get a fully functioning website for everyone to use. So it's pretty awesome stuff. It's really great for designers and artists and anyone really, to see something go from an idea to a fully developed piece of product. It's just great stuff.

Well everyone, this concludes our short but sweet lesson on production. We'll conclude with our single key term. Hope you've enjoyed today's lesson. My name is Mario. And I will see you next lesson.

Terms to Know

The process of creation, and the final step in the design project.