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Professional Development Plan Templates

Professional Development Plan Templates


In this lesson, students evaluate and select professional development templates for professional growth.

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Source: Globe, Clker,; Thinking Person, Clker,

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Hello there, and welcome. In this lesson, you will learn more about professional development plans, and we'll look at an example of a professional development template that you can use for your own professional growth. Let's get started.

Reflection plays a big part in all things learning, and that includes designing an effective professional development plan. When a teacher engages in honest self-reflection about their practice, the following items should be considered.

The rubric that is attached to the teacher evaluation model that your district uses. The best rubrics are thorough and leave very little room for debate. Feedback from past evaluations, and/or feedback from your instructional or induction coach. This outside perspective is extremely valuable, and if you have enough of them you are sure to see some trends. The goals and objectives outlined in your district strategic plan, and the school improvement plan, because here's that word again, "alignment."

It's very common for teacher evaluation models to require the development of a plan as part of the evaluation process. These may be referred to as professional growth goals or plans. Most districts have instructional coaches, knowledgeable administrators, mentors, department heads that are willing to help you. So if you are not certain what the goals and initiatives are, it's good practice to seek feedback and advice from someone you feel comfortable with as you make important decisions around professional growth goals for the rest of the year.

Let's go through a professional growth goal template from the state of Rhode Island. I will walk you through the steps of the creation of a professional development plan. And along the way, you might want to pause the video to take a closer look at some of the information.

With the system being completely online and tied to the teacher's certification number, the user information is pre-populated. Here's where the teacher states their goal. It even reminds you that it needs to be specific and measurable.

The focus of this teacher's goal is close reading, and she will be working on it collaboratively. We know that because she will participate in a book discussion club. She also points out the fact that her plan is aligned to the focus of the school improvement plan to increase student achievement. At this point, the teacher might want to get the goal looked at and approved by an evaluator before going any further.

The next section gives the teacher the opportunity to select from a menu of professional practices and responsibility standards. Teachers choose the ones they feel are aligned to their goals. This site has them all listed so it's easy for the user to just click All That Apply. Here we have the detailed steps around the teacher's plan. Again, you may want to pause here.

She has identified the texts they will be using for the book discussion, and outlined what she will be doing along the way, including dates that will help keep her accountable and on track. Also notice that numbers three and five include the analysis of student work. This is where the achievement data will come from. Knowing and documenting what the evidence of achievement will be saves time on the back end when reviewing the plan, but more importantly keeps everyone focused on what needs to happen.

And here is what the evidence looks like when it's uploaded. In this model, they refer to them as artifacts. Notice that once again, alignment to the rubric and standards are a priority. She also included information from observations that took place.

So to summarize, in this lesson we began by looking at the considerations when reflecting on your practice, and how this is related to the development of a professional growth plan. Then we went to the Rhode Island Department of Education's website and walked through the professional growth plan template.

And now for today's food for thought. Go back to the slide called Developing a Professional Development Plan, and ask yourself if you consider rubrics, feedback, goals and objectives, and alignment when you are reflecting on your practice.

And you can continue reflecting here if you go to the additional resources section that accompanied this presentation. This is where you'll find links to resources chosen to help you deepen your learning and explore ways to apply your newly acquired skill set. Thanks so much for watching. We'll see you next time.

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