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Professional Development Surveys

Professional Development Surveys

Author: Jody Waltman

In this lesson, students will explore how to design a survey to assess professional development needs.

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Notes on "Professional Development Surveys"

(00:00 - 00:13) Introduction

(00:14 - 02:09) Overview of Professional Development Surveys

(02:10 - 03:38) Topic

(03:39 - 05:37) Sample

(05:38 - 06:16) Delivery Approach

(06:17 - 07:27) Creating Questions

(07:28 - 09:07) Analyzing Data

(09:08 - 09:37) Stop and Reflect

Additional Resources

District-Wide Professional Development Survey

This district-wide survey from the Kent School District can serve as a model for educators who are in the process of surveying the effectiveness of their district professional development implementation.

Mansfield Public Schools: Professional Development & Teacher Engagement Survey

This is an example of one district's professional development survey that can be used to guide the creation of your own professional development survey.