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Professional E-Mail Ettiquette

Professional E-Mail Ettiquette

Author: Kelly Walsh
  • Review many helpful techniques for making effective use of email as a professional in the work place.
  • Learn about various improper or ineffective techniques to avoid when using email as a professional.
  • Demonstrate your understanding of a selected number of these techniques by summarizing them in your own words and emailing them to the instructor.

In this assignment, the student will review two expert resources that offer dozens of tips and techniques for proper and effective use of email as a professional. Following the lesson, the student will be required to demonstrate their understanding of the learning content by summarizing 5 of the techniques, in their own words, and emailing this listing to the instructor (being sure to use and not to misuse any of the techniques described in the learning content).

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25 Tips for Perfecting Your E-mail Etiquette

Please review the 25 expert tips in this article:

As you review these important suggestions regarding how to ensure skilled, smart, and safe use of email as a professional, consider which of the tips you find most valuable and informative and make some notes about them. After reviewing the article and watching a video on the same subject, you will be expected to complete a brief assignment in which you share (in your own words) 5 of the suggestions that you found most helpful.




Source: Silberman, Lindsay. "25 Tips for Perfecting Your E-mail Etiquette." 14 June 2010. .

Email Etiquette in the Work Place (Video)

This video contains helpful email tips. As you watch it, consider which tips you found to be most informative and helpful to you. Upon completion of the video, you will be required to complete an assignment in which you share 5 useful tips for using email in the workplace, in your own words.

Source: DoITTraining SBU. "Email Etiquette in the Work Place." 8 January 2014. YoutTube. .

Reflective Assignment

Now that you have read and viewed this content, please list 5 of the techniques that you found most informative, in your own words, and email them to your instructor.

Be sure to try not to use the techniques offered in the learning material in the email that you send!