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Proficiency Scales and Rubrics

Proficiency Scales and Rubrics


In this lesson you will learn how to create a rubric and a proficiency scale aligned to content standards and ISTE Standards

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Proficiency Scales & Rubrics

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Notes on "Proficiency Scales & Rubrics"

(00:00-00:13) Intro

(00:14-00:39) Objectives

(00:40-03:07) Steps to Create a Proficiency Scale

(03:08-04:16) Example: Standards Being Used

(04:17-09:27) Example: iRubrics Creation

(09:28-09:52) Review

(09:53-10:28) Reflection

Additional Resources

Data Notebooks/Folders

This is a great resource for using rubrics in student data folios from Montgomery County Public Schools. This link will bring you to a comprehensive staff development page with an overview of how and why to use data folios. In addition, you will find images and examples of data folios in use. Further, emphasis is made on the impact of data folios on raising student achievement.



iRubrics is a great website that helps teachers design and write rubrics. Teachers can save and revise their rubrics. In addition, teachers can also select rubrics that other teachers have created and have shared publicly.


Proficiency Scales for Elementary Units

Resource from Martin County Public School on using proficiency scales and designing proficiency scales. This website from the Martin County Public School provides a link that explains how to use and design proficiency scales. Further links are provided by subject areas to proficiency scales that you can use as is or as models to design your own.