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programs and policies that attempt to lower the crime rate ?

programs and policies that attempt to lower the crime rate ?

Author: david utsey

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In an 1800-2500 word APA (6
th ed) style paper, present your personal views of criminal behavior. You should address such issues as why people commit crime. You may consider the following questions:
1. Are the causes of crime hereditary or linked to social causes such as poverty, unemployment or other social factors?
2. What should be the focus of programs and policies that attempt to lower the crime rate?
3. Should resources be focused on some types of crime as opposed to others?
To support your personal "theory" of crime, cite at least two references which would tend to illustrate your observations.
A minimum of 5 peer-reviewed references, excluding the text, is required. A grading rubric can be found toward the end of the syllabus. The word count for this assignment counts only for the body of the paper.

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