PROJ 598 Final Exam Latest Version

PROJ 598 Final Exam Latest Version

Author: Abraham Nolito


1.(TCO A) The four phases of the procurement process includes the following: (Points : 6)

2.(TCO C) Which has more cost risk to the seller, a fixed-price contract or a cost-reimbursable contract? Why? How might that risk be mitigated? (Points : 12)
3. (TCO D) Compare and contrast sole source and single source approaches to procurement. (Points : 12)
4. (TCO F) You are preparing for contract negotiations for a job opportunity. To achieve your desired contract negotiation results, as part of your preparation, you need to understand what is your BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiation Agreement). Your are the HR manager and need to hire one of the 2 finalist for this position. The position is a level 3 Project Manager which offers a $80,000 starting salary. The candidate you will be interviewing today is the prefer candidate for the hiring department. As the HR manager, you know that the range for this position is from 80,000 to 140,000. Your previous candidate has mentioned that he is looking for a 6 figure job of about $150K. You also know that the hired individual will need to go into training immediately to prepare for a project that is about to start.
Your answer to each of the following points below should be justified.
What will your negotiation bargaining strategy be?
5. (TCO B) You are a potential seller for a large project. You have just exited the bidder's meeting. What are some items you would likely consider before making your bid or no-bid decision? (Points : 20)
6. (TCO C) Given the following, answer the below questions.
Target Cost: $65,000 
Target Fee: $15,000 
Target Price: $80,000 
Ceiling Price: $105,000 
Buyer-Seller Share Ratio: 70:30
- What is the Point of Total Absorption (PTA)? (5pts)
7. (TCO G) Often in the procurement closeout process, a procurement audit is done. What is a procurement audit, and what is the purpose of a procurement audit? (Points : 20)

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