PROJ586 Final Exam Set 1

PROJ586 Final Exam Set 1

Author: Christine Farr


1. (TCO A) In the _____ organization structure, the project manager is responsible for the project results, whereas the functional manager is responsible for providing the resources needed to achieve the results. (Points : 5)
autonomous project
2. (TCO H) What is the longest phase of the project life cycle? (Points : 5) 
3. (TCO B) The lowest level item of any one branch of the WBS is called a(n) _____. (Points : 5) 
object item
task statement
work package
activity node
4. (TCO D) A _____ is a predefined set of actions that will be implemented if the risk event occurs. (Points : 5) 
management proposal
classification array
contingency plan
risk contingency matrix
5. (TCO F) _____ the project involves measuring actual progress and comparing it to planned progress. (Points : 5) 
6. (TCO C) If _____ is positive, it represents the maximum amount of time that the activities on a particular path can be delayed without jeopardizing the completion of the project by its required completion time. (Points : 5) 
total time
free time
total slack
cumulative slack
7. (TCO G) Which of the following is not an advantage of using project management software? (Points : 5) 
The learning curve
Record keeping
8. (TCO A) Which of the following is not an example of a project? (Points : 5) 
Starting up a restaurant
Creating a website for a company
Raising money for a disaster-relief trip
Emptying the recycling everyday
9. (TCO C) Why are activities drawn in a serial relationship on a network diagram? (Points : 5) 
The activities use different resources.
The activities are independent of each other.
From a technical standpoint, the activities must be performed in that sequence.
The order of completion doesn’t matter.
10. (TCO F) The project cost estimate is allocated to _____. (Points : 5) 
the various work packages in the project work-breakdown structure
the resources in the project
the committed costs in the project
the stakeholders

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