PROJ586 Final Exam Set 2

PROJ586 Final Exam Set 2

Author: Christine Farr


1. (TCO A) In a _____ organization, the project manager does not have complete authority over the project team. (Points : 5)
autonomous project
functional and matrix
2. (TCO H) What is the longest phase of the project life cycle? (Points : 5)
3. (TCO B) A(n) _____ is defined as a piece of work that consumes time. (Points : 5)
work package
work object
4. (TCO D) All of the following are risk response types except _____. (Points : 5)
an opportunity
5. (TCO F) The two most common types of project reports are _____. (Points : 5)
progress reports and the contract report
weekly and monthly
progress reports and the final report
update-only reports and status
6. (TCO C) The _____ time is the latest time by which a particular activity must be finished in order for the entire project to be completed by its required completion time. (Points : 5)
earliest start
earliest finish
latest start
latest finish
7. (TCO G) Which of the following is not an advantage of using project management software? (Points : 5)
The learning curve
Record keeping
8. (TCO A) Projects are identified and selected in the _____. (Points : 5)
initiating phase
planning phase
performing phase
closing phase
9. (TCO C) In addition to showing the technical constraints among activities, how does the network diagram logic also take into account resource constraints? (Points : 5)
Activities that use the same resource may not be able to occur in parallel to each other.
Activities that use different resources may be shown in a serial relationship.
The activities could be shown in a loop relationship.
Resources that are unlimited are not shown in a resource assignment.
10. (TCO F) The budget for each work package is _____. (Points : 5)
charged completely on the first day of the work package
charged at the end of the project
distributed over the duration of the work package
charged completely on the last day of the work package

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