PROJ587 Final Exam 2

PROJ587 Final Exam 2

Author: Christine Farr


1. (TCO B) Some believe that a project management office (PMO) is nothing more than yet another level of management with the associated added cost and bureaucracy. Project Management experts tell us that this is a good thing. Which of these points of view is correct, and how do you (in your own words, though you may cite your readings to support your view as necessary) justify your conclusion? Remember that business thinks primarily in terms of dollars and benefit/cost ratios. (Points : 20)
2. (TCO B) One of the most traumatic decisions a project manager must sometimes make is to cancel a project. In an article titled "How to Fail In Project Management without Really Trying," Business Horizons Reprint No. BH010, the following (whimsical but true) reasons that projects go out of control were identified:
1. Ignore the project environment, including stakeholders
2. Push a new technology to market too quickly
3. Don't bother building fallback positions
4. When problems occur, shoot the one most visible
5. Let new ideas starve to death from inertia
6. Don't bother conducting feasibility studies
7. Never admit a project is a failure
8. Over-manage project managers and their teams
9. Never, never conduct post-failure reviews
10. Never bother to understand project trade-offs
11. Allow political expediency and infighting to dictate crucial project decisions
12. Make sure the project is run by a weak leader
3. (TCO B) Your company has a PMO, and it has now decided to incorporate project portfolio management. Part 1: What is the difference between a PMO and a PPM? Part 2: Who should participate in implementing the PPM? (Points : 20)
4. (TCO E) Part 1: List the five levels of maturity in the Project Management Maturity Model (PMMM). Part 2: Describe each level and discuss whether each level can overlap with another level, and also define its level of risk. (Points : 20)

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