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Project: A "Rockumentary" with The Dirty Dozen

Project: A "Rockumentary" with The Dirty Dozen

Author: Kari Salomon

Students engage in a participatory culture as they learn about rocks and minerals and the Rock Cycle through collecting rocks, identifying them, taking digital images of them, and producing a "Rockumentary" or other Digital Storytelling artifact and posting it on the class Edmodo page for storage and presentation in class.  Students will then post comments on each others' presentations.

You will work in your "learning style groups" for this project.  These are your tasks:

1. View the introductory video.

2. Collect 12 different rock or mineral samples and identify them.  (You must have at least one sample from each stage of the rock cycle.)

3.. Make an informational display for your rocks using the "Rock Display Template", and turn it in by the due date posted on the class calendar.

4.  Print the PPT as notes pages and use them to take notes from the "full video".  View the "Rockumentary Full Video"

5.  Using the DIGITAL STORYTELLING sequence, plan a multimedia presentation (vodcast, screencast, or video) that tells a compelling and informative story related to your rocks.  It must incorporate some of your photos of the rocks and their settings. (Follow the  document.)

4. See me for approval of your plan as soon as your group has been able to establish a rough outline.  (Your presentation can be in the form of a narrative from each rock's perspective, a narrative by each student about why they chose each rock, an historical story about the the rock cycle, using the rocks as examples.  This can also be a "Rockumentary"- (documentary) about how rocks are used by people, or about using a dichotomous key- just talk with me about your topics, I'm interested in seeing how I can support your creativity.

7. Complete your pre-assessment rubric and show me for sign off.  (This is where you set your goals.

8.  Start the production process.  Allow for sufficient time to do retakes and to do the editing.  Remember that I will strictly enforce a conservative view on the fair use policy, so stick with the websites that I provided on the video/ppt.

9. Schedule your presentation time with me.

10. Upload your presentation to our class page on Edmodo two days before presentation and make sure that all parts work well with school technology one day before your presentation.  Be sure the file name includes states your names.

11. Complete your post-assessment of the project up to the point of the presentation.

12.  Present your "Rockumentary".

13. Check back on Edmodo for peer comments.

14. Begin your Language Arts writing prompt and be sure to turn it in on time to your Language Arts teacher.  

14. Write your reflective Fibonacci poem about the entire project.

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"Rockumentary" Project Part 1

Part 1 of the project is explained in this Part 1 video.

Source: Kari Salomon

Rock Display (egg carton) Template and example

Use the template for your 1" resized photos. An example is provided. The word document for this template is available on our class calendar for you to edit.


Source: Kari Salomon

EXAMPLE for Rock and Mineral Display

The first two pages are completed, and an example is completed on each of the last two sections.


PPT- for you to print for notes "Rockumentary"

The PPT is also available on our class website for better printing success. Print these 4 or 6 to a page to help with the note taking. The Full video is posted on this website separately as well as on our class website.


Source: Kari Salomon

Video Planning Steps

Some suggestions on technology and software for your video production are listed along with a series of fundamental steps for good video production.


Source: From The Center for Digital Storytelling (Joe Lambert) via Bernard R. Robin- University of Houston

Rockumentary (Full Video)

Source: Kari Salomon

Rockumentary Checklist and Scoring Rubric