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Project Life Cycle

Project Life Cycle

Author: Marie Duquesne

Last week recap

  • Complete a quiz to rate your project management skills​​
  • Recall details of case studies of project that fails and explain why they failed

Identify and explain stages of life cycles:

  • defining & producing specification   
  • planning & designing  
  • collecting information
  • implementing completing & reviewing

​​Project ideas

  • ​​Complete a Project Proposal for own Project
  • Submit proposal to tutor by next week's session

Now that you have a better understanding of the Project life cycle stages, you will be able to start thinking of your own project to plan.

Next week, we will look at the resources that are available to support project managers.



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QUIZ: how good are you project management skills?

Click on the link below and complete the QUIZ

to check how good your project management

skills are. QUIZ

Why projects fail

A humorous look at why projects fail.

Why projects failed?

Last week groups presented their findings on 6 well documented case studies of projects that failed. It's time for you to check your knowledge by answering all the questions below. Be specific in your answers and DO NOT COPY and PASTE any information from the internet. All your answers must be original.

Project Life Cycles Presentation

This video presentation covers the topic of a typical project life cycle in project management.

Source: BTEC National Edexcel

Project Proposal

Now it is time for you to decide what project you will be undertaking for this unit.
Please complete the following document which will describe what your project is and will need to be approved by your tutor. (me!)