Project One: LetsGo Travel ITM 3600

Project One: LetsGo Travel ITM 3600

Author: matthew stock


You work for a travel company, LetsGo Travel, that specializes in arranging travel accommodations for student tours and vacations in exciting destinations such as Canada, Rome, and the Czech Republic. You created a workbook to store agent names, student IDs, and tour codes. The workbook also contains a worksheet to store lookup tables. You need to complete the workbook for your manager’s approval.1. Lookup TablesThe Lookup Tables worksheet contains two lookup tables: one to look up the base price to find the commission rate and the other table to look up the tour package code to find the tour description, departure date, and base cost. You need to assign a range name to each lookup table.a. Start Excel. Open the Excel file LetsGo_trips, briefly view the 3 worksheets (Lookup Tables, Data, and Summary) and then save the workbook as (your true) LastnameFirstname_trips.b. Make sure the Lookup Tables sheet is active. Assign the range name rates to the base price and commission range.c. Assign the range name tours to the data for the package, tour description, departure, and base cost.2. Insert Functions and FormulasYou need to insert lookup functions that look up the tour code, compare it to the lookup table, and then return the trip description, departure date, and base cost of the trip. Then you need to insert a formula to calculate the cost with taxes and fees, the monthly payment, and the agents’ commissions.a. Click cell D13 on the Data sheet, and then insert a VLOOKUP function that looks up the tourcode (Column C), compares it to the tours table, and returns the description.b. Click cell E13, and then insert a lookup function that looks up the tour code, compares it to the tours table, and returns the departure date.c. Click cell F13, and then insert a lookup function that looks up the tour code, compares it to the tours table, and returns the base cost of the trip.d. Click cell G13, and then insert a formula that adds taxes and fees to the base cost of the trip (in cell F13) by using the percentage value in the Input area. Use an absolute reference to the cell containing 20% in the input area.e. Click cell H13, and then insert the PMT function to calculate the payments for students who want to pay for their trips in three installments. Use the interest rate and months in the input area below the data. Use appropriate relative, mixed, and/or absolute cell references in the formula. Make sure the result is a positive value.f. Click cell I13, and then calculate the commission using the base cost of the trip and a VLOOKUP function that returns the commission rate based on the base cost of the trip using the rates lookup table. The function should then calculate the monetary value of the commission.g. Copy the formulas and functions down their respective columns.3. Add Summary StatisticsThe Data worksheet contains a section for Summary Statistics. 

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