Projectile Motion Part 1: Example 4

Projectile Motion Part 1: Example 4


This packet provides a detailes solution to Example problem 4 from the packet Projectile Motion Part 1. This packet also provides a different approach to help students see the projectile motion concepts in action in an effort to cope with multiple learning styles.

I provided a detailed solution to a projectile motion problem where we are asked to find the time it takes for a football to reach a given height when it is thrown at a known velocity and angle.

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In this slideshow introduce and review some concepts that are essential to solving projectile motion problems.

Source: Parmanand Jagnandan

Projectile Motion Part 1 Example 4

In this video I work out a detailed solution to find how long it takes a football to reach a given height when we know the initial velocity and angle that the football is released.

Source: Parmanand Jagnandan