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Projectile Motion Part 1: Example 5

Projectile Motion Part 1: Example 5

Author: Parmanand Jagnandan

This packet provides a detailed solution to an example problem from Projectile Motion Part 1. This packet also tries to appeal to a larger audience of students who may have different learning styles.

I provided a detailed solution to a projectile motion problem involving a baseball which is traveling with some initial velocity and angle to the horizontal.

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In this slideshow I review some concepts that are useful to know when trying to solve projectile motion problems.

Source: Parmanand Jagnandan

Projectile Motion Part 1 Example 5

In this video I provide a detailed solution to a projectile motion problem where we are asked to find the total x and y displacements of a baseball with some known initial velocity and angle.

Source: Parmanand Jagnandan


In the video I stated that the ball was 53.2 meters above the wall. This is not true, the ball is 53.2 meters above the ground, so it is 51.2 meters above the wall. It is still a huge homerun though :).

Source: Parmanand Jagnandan