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Pronoun Review Time:  Subject, Object, and Possessive Case

Pronoun Review Time: Subject, Object, and Possessive Case

Author: Janice Davis

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • identify the three cases of pronouns - subject, object, and possessive.
  • identify the different forms of pronouns by case.
  • identify pronouns by case in sentence form.
  • correct pronouns when the wrong case is used in sentence format.
  • identify the antecedent of a pronoun.

A test is coming!  It's time to review the three main cases of pronouns, why we have pronouns, and how the antecedent fits into all of these things.

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Pronoun Review Time: Subject, Object, and Possessive Cases

This video will help you review all the pronouns we've studied thus far.  It will even give you a little look into what's coming next!  Watch it carefully.  Then, make sure you complete the homework review packet!

VIDEO:  Click Here to go to the "Introduction to Pronouns" video link.

HOMEWORK:  Click Here if you need to download and print another copy of your homework pages.