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Pronouns in Spanish

Pronouns in Spanish

Author: Bridget Waldorf

The student will be able to define a pronoun. (What does it do?)

The student will be able to identify the 6 sets of pronouns in Spanish.

The student will be able to correctly choose which Spanish pronoun to use in various situations.

This tutorial demonstrates the 6 sets of pronouns in Spanish, and when to use each one. 

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This slideshow discusses the role of pronouns in language, and identifies the pronouns used in English and Spanish.

Pronoun Quiz

Fill in the following chart with the Spanish meaning of the pronoun (hint: think about the chart saw in the slideshow)


1. I ___________                                               6. we_____________

2. you (familiar) ____________              7. You all (Spain)____________

3. he __________                                      8. They  ___________

4. she _________                                       9. They (all girls)____________

5. you (formal) ________                         10. You all____________


11. Vosotros is only used in what country? _______________________________

12. If you were talking TO your best friend, you would use (circle one):  

 tu       Usted       ellos

13. If you were talking TO the principal, which pronoun would you use? ______________________

14. If you are included in the group (example, "My mother and I") which pronoun would you use? __________________

15. If you are talking ABOUT your brother, which pronoun would you use? ____________________