Upon successful completion of this module, the student should be able to:

  • how to tell the difference between fact and opinion
  • how to recognize statements that mix opinion with fact
  • how to distinguish between informed and uninformed opinions
  • how to recognize irrelevant facts and reasons
  • how textbooks often include opinions as well as facts
  • make sound judgments on fallacies and propaganda through the use of higher order thinking skills

Critical readers evaluate an author’s support for a point and determine whether that support is solid or not. Critical reading includes the following three abilities:

  • Separating fact from opinion.
  • Detecting propaganda.
  • Recognizing errors in reasoning.
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You might want to print out this handout on Propaganda for easy reference.

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Source: Karen Silvestri, Instructional Specialist

Propaganda Techniques

This is an excellent presentation explaining propaganda techniques from Think.com

Source: Think.com


Complete this assignment and turn in during class or to your online course site.

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Source: Karen Silvestri, Instructional Specialist