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Propaganda in Nazi Germany

Propaganda in Nazi Germany

Author: Greg Bennett

1) to give the students a simple understanding of the meaning and uses of propaganda by showing them the various ways in which propaganda techniques were used in particular in Nazi Germany


2) allow students to identify the various types of propaganda and explain how they influenced the German people and how they felt about hitler and Germany. 


3) explain the uses of symbolism and images in propaganda on a wider scale and give some example of how we see this in use in modern times.

This lesson aims to introduce the idea of propaganda to the class on a basic level. Having studied some elements of Nazi Germany and the character of Hitler, the class will be able to easily identify some of the key figures involved at this stage. This concept lends itself well to the flipped classroom idea as the use of symbols and images will provide a high visual stimulus to this topic and I think it will suit the use of the Internet at home for the students as they can view examples in colour and get a sense of the effect that these propaganda tools may have had at the time on the the German public. 

I will provide some simple images during the lesson and ask the students to complete a brief questionnaire at the end of these images to test the understanding and opinion on the posters and symbols. 

I will also attach a simple PDF file which will be read by each student and it will add additional information on the uses of propaganda in Nazi Germany. 

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Introduction to Propaganda and its role in Nazi Germany

Brief video introducing what propaganda is and what it used for. Also a brief description of how propaganda was used in Nazi Germany and how it fitted into the overall Nazi 'Machine'.

Images of Nazi Propaganda

Brief slide show on Nazi Propaganda and gives some simple examples of Nazi posters that would have been used. Some questions are also included for the students to answer afterwards to test their understanding of the concept.