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Proper Tennis Forehand Swing

Proper Tennis Forehand Swing

Author: Diego Constante

The students will be able to perform a forehand swing in tennis. 

In order to perform an efficient forehand swing in tennis, the student must be in an "open stance" which includes feet shoulder width apart, face of the racquet perpendicular to the floor, and most importantly, the swing must start low to high to give the ball top spin. It is important for players to meet the ball in front of them before making contact to be able to get a solid hit and return it with top spin. 

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Meeting the ball in front of the player

In order to make efficient contact with the ball, the tennis ball must be met in front of the player for a solid hit. This will allow for the ball to have top spin when being returned over the net. 

Source: YouTube

Proper forehand swing in tennis

forehand swing

Source: YouTube