Proper Warm-Up Techniques

Proper Warm-Up Techniques

Author: Liz Hallack

Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of physical fitness concepts,
principles, and strategies to improve health and performance. Students will be able to develop a one-week personal physical fitness plan specifying the proper warm-up.

This activity is geared towards 7th graders in Physical Education. They will learn what consists of proper warm-ups and what they need to include in their own warm-ups in the proper order.

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Why we warm up?

Warming up our bodies is extremely important. There are five reasons why we warm up.

They are:

  1. To prevent injury.
  2. To build muscle strength and endurance.
  3. To increase blood circulation.
  4. To perform physical activity to the fullest.
  5. To be prepared physically and mentally for the physical activity.


Warm up Exercises

Can be used for all sports and physical activities.

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Basic warm up activities

Basic warm up for aerobic activities.

Locomotor Warm up Activities

Exercises to do across the gym floor.

Warm up Drills to Specific Sports (Soccer)

For specific sports, you have to change and focus your warm up with drills using the manipulative object.