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Author: Melissa Texin

By the end of this tutorial students should be able to look at an equation and determine which of the properties listed in the summary the example exemplifies, if any. They should be able to generate examples of each property on their own while looking at the properties.

After this video, we will practice so that students master these goals and can do so without looking at their notes.


8-3.3 Use commutative, associative, and distributive properties to examine the equivalence of algebraic expressions.
EA-2.5 Carry out a procedure using properties of real numbers (including commutative, associative, & distributive) to simplify expressions.
EA-2.6 Carry out a procedure to evaluate an expression by substituting a value for the variable.

An explanation of each of the following properties:

  • Additive Identity Property
  • Additive Inverse Property
  • Multiplicative Identity Property
  • Multiplicative Inverse Property
  • Multiplicative Property of 0
  • Reflexive Property of Equality
  • Symmetric Property of Equality
  • Transitive Property of Equality
  • Substitution Property of Equality
  • Commutative Property
  • Associative Property
  • Distributive Property
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Here is the link to the survey I would like you to fill out as you are learning about the properties.

Properties Notes

Here's the handout to accompany the video.