Properties of Equilateral Triangles

Properties of Equilateral Triangles

Author: Alex G

By the end of this packet you should be able to:
* Define an equilateral triangle
* Use the concept of equiangularity to find missing angles in a triangle.

This packet presents the idea of equilateral triangles and presents some challenging problems related to equilateral triangles.

Cover art of a wagon with a triangular hazard sign was taken from the Morgue File http://www.morguefile.com website which grants permission for use of its images.

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Equilateral Triangles: Vocabulary and Concepts

Everything you ever wanted to know about equilateral triangles but were afraid to ask!

Types of Problems

The videos cover three kinds of problems that you can solve using the facts about equilateral triangles.  The problems are below.  Attempt them on your own before watching the video solutions.


Example 1)

Example 1

Example 2)

Example 2

Example 3)

Example 3

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3