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Proportional Relationships

Proportional Relationships

Author: Kim McCorkle
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You are working as groups to complete these assignments. I have included some photos and videos to help you along the way. You have 3 question squares to use as needed. There will be three grades for this assignment:

1. Teamwork/Group work - check the "Groups" poster I put up on the wall - your group will be graded as follows:

100 - group worked well following the poster guidelines

85  - I had to help the group find ways to work together or some group members were doing all the work at times

70 - I had to work with the group quite a bit to encourage them to follow all guidelines/ member or members had to work alone

50 - Completely dysfunctional as a group.

2.  Completed work

100 - all work completed

85 - most of the work completed

70 - much of the work completed

50 - did not accomplish enough work during given time

3.  Behavior - individual

100 - No marks for the week

85 -   A couple of marks for the week

70 -  More than one day with 2 marks

50 -  3 marks during one day - asked to leave

0 -    Asked to leave 2 days



Proportional Representation

The packet is found on shelf 1 on front table - everyone in group needs a copy.

Turn to Page 30 in your journal and make the following entry - record in table of contents as "Proportional?"

Yes or No to Proportional Relationships.

Watch the video and complete the worksheet - skip #4. Everyone in group needs a copy - on shelf #2.

Page 31- Journal Entry

Cut along the large rectangle on the front of "Yes or No to Proportional Relationships".  Put a line of glue on the top of the back of the sheet and glue in according to the next photo. Be sure to put your date, page number and title on the journal page. Put in Table of Contents as "Prop. examples"

Journal page 31

Equation Expert

Each group needs ONE copy of the packet and one copy of the answer sheet - everyone DOES NOT need their own copy!!! The packet is on shelf 4, the answer sheet on shelf 5. You may take a set of colored cards for the group members who do not have the sheet. If you do not understand, it will NOT cost you a square to ask about this. 

Equation Expert

Match Game

Match Game is found on shelf #6 ONLY ONE PER GROUP! If you would like, you can take one of the white laminated sets to match as a group- then record your answers.

Now go to the Algebraic Expressions Tutorial.

Go to Edmodo for the link.