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Pros and Cons of Group Learning

Pros and Cons of Group Learning

Author: nevos nevos

Group learning has its advantages and disadvantages. Owing to the fact that different students have different levels of intelligence and retention capabilities, they also view group learning from different perspectives. Students who are lone rangers often opt for professional help with essay writing. They go for the best writing sites, by checking out reviews such as edusson review. Apart from building teamwork, group learning helps to develop both listening and speaking skills as well. It also has its drawbacks, which make some students prefer to study on their own or go for professional help. Those who prefer group learning deal with the pros and cons that come with it, such as:


Shared Responsibilities

For students, sharing project responsibilities with others provides emotional comfort and tangible value. One student may take on creative tasks, while another gets involved in the online research and essay compilation. Spreading assignments among several students also increases the production efficiency compared with individual projects. It also eases the burden from each student, ensuring a reduction of instances of plagiarism. It hence results in enough time to perform the task. In some cases, students may take on responsibilities outside of their comfort zone to engage in online research that helps them to expand their skills.

Different Perspectives

In workplaces, groups are used to enhance the number and qualities of ideas discussed. In college, students learn to appreciate different students with whom they interact. By becoming open-minded, group members learn to appreciate unique viewpoints presented by others in college. Diversity can add to the breadth and depth of the ideas discussed, as people from varied backgrounds usually come to the table with results that are not plagiarized but based on their own experiences.


Inefficiency in Decisions

Students may view groups as a way to divide writing tasks, but ambitious students may engage in extra time-consuming conversation and debate, delaying the completion of the essay assignment. While results may be improved, decisions often take more time in groups. Individuals can't merely go with their first instinct or idea. They usually have to introduce concepts and work through group conflicts together to come to a consensus. It is, however, problematic on projects with pending deadlines in college where urgent decisions are needed.

Varying Attitudes

Much of the conflict in workgroups in college arises from different attitudes toward the workgroup experience. Each student may have different academic goals. Some want to pass; hence, they don't bring much to the discussions, while others hope for an "A. "and therefore have to put more effort into coming up with excellent writing. Some students embrace the benefits and opportunities that come from teamwork when it comes to writing, while others prefer to work autonomously and don't adjust well to a group assignment. During group discussion and work, some students take on controlling roles that can turn off others. For example, when they feel gifted compared to others, they become decision-makers and bullies. The other students sit back and frustrate cohorts who want them to participate actively by merely taking it low that they don't know much.

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