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Protein Synthesis

Protein Synthesis

Author: Aaron Wesche
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Introduction to DNA

Description of DNA.
Watson, Crick, and Franklin

DNA Replication

Replication of DNA

Introduction to RNA

Description of the three types of RNA


Description of the process of transcription


Description of Translation

Ch. 10 DNA and Protein Synthesis Notes

Student Notes for Chapter 10


Chapter 10 Section Review Questions

Page 189  #1-6

Page 192  # 1-6

Page 196  # 1-6

Chapter 10 Chapter Review Questions

Page 198 1-22


Coding practice # 1

Coding Practice # 2

Coding Practice # 3

Wkst 10-1

Wkst 10-2

Wkst 10-3



Choose a project from the list below.  Your project will be due on Monday June 3rd.  You may work with 1 other person in class.


*  DNA Model - build a model of a DNA molecule.  I have Rubrics available in class.

*  Flip book showing DNA Replication, transcription, and translation.

*  Power point report on new research in the area of DNA. 



DNA Lesson from Kahn Academy

Additional information on DNA