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This lesson will describe the levels of protein structure as well as define the role of proteins in your body

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En esta lección vamos a hablar de la estructura, la función y el papel de las proteínas en nuestro cuerpo.


(0:00-1:24) Characteristics of Proteins

(1:25-3:04) Amino Acids

(3:05-4:31) Primary Structure of Proteins

(4:32-4:56) Secondary Structure of Proteins

(4:57-5:19) Tertiary Structure of Proteins

(5:20-6:23) Quaternary Structure of Proteins


Notes on "Proteins"


Terms to Know
Amino Acids

​The building blocks of proteins. Amino acids compose proteins.

Peptide Bond

​A type of bond that joins amino acids together.

Primary Structure of Proteins

The most simple structure of proteins composed of a chain of amino acids.


​Organic molecules composed of amino acids.

​Polypeptide Chain

​A chain formed when three or more amino acids join together.

​Quaternary Structure of Proteins

​The most complex level of protein structure where the tertiary structure of several amino acid chains are bonded together.

​Tertiary Structure of Proteins

​The third level of organization of proteins where amino acids continue to twist and fold forming a 3-D shape.

​​Secondary Structure of Proteins

The second level of organization of proteins where amino acid chains twist and fold.