PSY 110 QUIZ 9

PSY 110 QUIZ 9

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One key factor in interpreting behavior that results in harm to another person as aggression is   
Supporters of the evolutionary perspective emphasize

Which of the following personality factors has been linked with aggression?

A dentist is drilling a cavity and the patient yells out in pain. The dentist’s behavior is

The person who kicks the soft-drink dispenser in order to obtain the change he was entitled to is engaging in what type of aggression?

Females of certain species of fish and bears must sometimes protect their offspring from being eaten by the very males who fathered them. Such behavior within a species appears to contradict

Any external condition that prevents a person from obtaining the pleasures he or she expected defines

Based upon research, it appears that aggressive-prone individuals act out aggressively

In his revision of the frustration-aggression hypothesis, Berkowitz would NOT support which of the following statements?

A restaurant owner spreads a false rumor that a competing restaurant was fined for sanitary code violations. This is an example of what type of aggression?

When a house catches fire during the night, a distraught parent keeps reentering the burning house, first retrieving her own children and then retrieving her children’s visiting friends. The parent’s behavior would support the concept of

Which attribute characterizes Americans who are especially unlikely to help others in non-life-threatening situations?

Which item is out of place?

Which of the following is NOT a defining characteristic in making a behavior prosocial?

Many individuals contribute to their community’s Legal Defense Fund so that low-income individuals can have adequate legal representation. The intentions behind these contributions reflect support of the

In spite of her flu symptoms, Dr. Baldus comes to campus to do a special review session for her upcoming test. The professor’s behavior is consistent with

According to Trivers, which of the following is NOT a condition that facilitates the development of reciprocal helping within a species?

The rules of conduct that prescribe the manner in which people should generally behave are called

Which of the following statements about gender differences in helping behavior is NOT accurate?

According to research, under what condition are people from collectivist cultures less likely to help than people from individualist cultures?

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