PSY 110 WEEK 9 QUIZ 7 (2)

PSY 110 WEEK 9 QUIZ 7 (2)

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What is publicly acting in accord with a direct request called?

Question 2
Research on the relationship between group size and conformity pressures suggested that in situations of ambiguous reality,

Question 3
Although he is Jewish, Michael agrees to exchange Christmas gifts with his co-workers when asked. He feels rather uncomfortable about this but is concerned about how he will be treated if he does not do so. Michael’s behavior is an example of

Question 4
What was the purpose of Sherif’s use of the autokinetic effect with groups?

Question 5
Normative social influence involves

Question 6
Ostracism is a common reaction to those who dissent from the group’s norms. What costs does it have for those doing the ostracizing?

Question 7
Which statement accurately describes Asch’s findings regarding group pressure to conform?

Question 8
What is the degree of attractiveness that group members have for one another called?

Question 9
Research suggests that in situations in which there are few dissenters, as opposed to when there are many dissenters,

Question 10
Why is it sometimes difficult to distinguish between independence and conformity?

Question 11
Alexander met his work group for the first time.  He made sure to speak with each one to try to assess how each would contribute to the final project.  Alexander’s behavior is explained by which of the following?

Question 12
Kylie is in her first year of college. She hangs out with a group of other students, and they all spend their spare time together. They all enjoy going to see films and attending concerts. Kylie always gets the group organized to go out. Kylie’s behavior is the result of which of the following?

Question 13
An experimental psychologist observes that trained rats run a familiar maze faster if other rats are present in the maze. Which principle accounts for this difference in behavior?

Question 14
The fact that an individual’s performance has a tendency to be influenced by the presence of an audience demonstrates the principle of

Question 15
Which of the following is out of place?

Question 16
Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding the temporal model of group membership?

Question 17
What is the core concept of the evaluation-apprehension approach to social facilitation?

Question 18
One explanation for the social loafing phenomenon is that

Question 19
A man joins a community group concerned with helping potential high school dropouts stay in school. The course of his membership in that group will be most influenced by

Question 20
One key factor in reducing social loafing appears to be

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