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PSY 211 WEEK 1 A Research Plan

PSY 211 WEEK 1 A Research Plan

Author: Yanis Gherasim
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PSY 211 WEEK 1 A Research Plan



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PSY 211 WEEK 1 A Research Plan

PSY 211 WEEK 1 A Research Plan

PSY 211 WEEK 1 A Research Plan

Complete the Material: A Research Plan.

A Research Plan

Part I – Research Problem

 Identify your research question and describe it. What about this topic interests you?

Part II – The Scientific Method


Consider the scientific method and complete the following table explaining each step of the scientific method in your own words. Please use complete sentences to write 45 to 90 words describing each step.



Formulate a testable hypothesis. Make sure to state it in specific, observable, and measureable terms.

Select the research method (ex: case study, observation, correlation, experiment, etc.) and design the study.Refer to Table 2.4 in the text for help.

Data collection:Whom will you study, observe, or test? How many subjects would you need? How will you collect the data?

Data analysis and conclusions:How will you determine your results? How can you determine whether they are significant?

What conclusions can you draw from your data?


Answer the following questions in about 90 to 175 words each:

How did you use the scientific method in examining your research question? Be sure to go over each step of the scientific method in your response.


Why did you choose the  research method you used in your study? Why was it more appropriate than other methods you could have used?


Every psychological study requires careful decisions regarding appropriate participation of research subjects. Discuss at least two ethical considerations that you should take into account with your specific study (see the video in the Week 1 Electronic Reserve Readings titled, Experimental Research Methods in Psychology and view the section titled, “Common Issues of Experimental Methods”).


PSY 211 WEEK 1 A Research Plan

PSY 211 WEEK 1 A Research Plan