PSY 520 Module Six Problem Set Solutions

PSY 520 Module Six Problem Set Solutions

Author: Jean Brunner


Use the data set in the Problem Set Data document. The data are in Excel format. The data show how students in different majors did on a math quiz.  The major data are coded such that 1 = psychology major, 2 = pre-med, 3 = biology, 4 = sociology, and 5 = economics.   You’ll first perform a one-way ANOVA to test if there is an overall effect of major on math performance.  Then you’ll conduct a post-hoc test using the Tukey procedure to determine, which, if any, of the groups differ from each other. 
First, open the file in SPSS. When opening the data, be sure to change file format to Excel (there will be a drop-down box of choices when you select your data set to open).
Perform a one-way ANOVA to test whether students from different majors perform differently on the math quiz (i.e., to test if there is an effect of major on math performance). 
To do this, go to Analyze—Compare Means—One-Way ANOVA.  Enter major in the Factor field, and Mathquiz in the Dependent List.  Then click on Options and then on Descriptive and Means Plot.
a.     Paste the SPSS ANOVA output here.  This output should include the tables labeled Descriptives and ANOVA and the Means Plot.  (5 points)
b.     Write up the results of the ANOVA in APA format.  To see an example of how to report the results, please see Field’s SPSS book, p. 474 (the first example).  However, note that you do not need to report the effect size (ω).  (12 points: 2 points for including the type of test in the response, 2 points for correctly identifying the dfs, 2 points for correctly stating the F value, 2 points for correctly stating the p value, and 4 points for correctly interpreting whether the test was significant or not).  
c.     Now conduct a post-hoc test.  These are explained on pp. 458-9 of Field’s SPSS book. To conduct a post-hoc test, go back to Analyze—Compare Means—One-Way ANOVA.  Then click on Post-hoc and then on Tukey (not Tukey’s b).  Paste the results of the Tukey test here (this is the table labeled Multiple Comparisons).  (5 points)

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