PSY 520 SPSS Assignment 2

PSY 520 SPSS Assignment 2

Author: Jean Brunner


1) Describe in your own words what type of research situations call for a researcher to use an ANOVA analysis.
2a) Use the Compare Means function (AnalyzeàCompare MeansàMeans) to compare the means of the three Sound conditions on Anxiety and Performance.
2b) Based on these results, on which variable does it most appear there might be significant differences based on the Sound condition?
3a) Conduct a one-way ANOVA on both Anxiety and Performance using Sound as the independent variable. That is, conduct two separate one-way ANOVAs, one with Anxiety as the dependent variable and one with Performance as the dependent variable.
3b) Based on these results, were either of your ANOVAs significant? How can you tell? Use a cutoff level of .05 for your decision.
4a) Remember that in a one-way ANOVA, we are only looking at the impact of one variable on the dependent variable. Factorial ANOVAs, on the other hand, assess the impact of multiple independent variables. Conduct a factorial ANOVA on Performance using both Sound and Experience as independent variables. Be sure to choose the option to view the estimated marginal means for all of your main effects and interactions—this will allow you to more easily interpret the results.
4b) Write the results of the ANOVA. For help, refer to the third paragraph of the “Two-factor ANOVA” section of this document.

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