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Author: Jeanne Wardle
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Ideas for your own design-- symbolism

Symbolism of designs:

  • Solar symbols   include variations of the circle, swastika, tripod and star or rose. The sun and cosmic symbols signify happiness, prosperity and good fortune.
  • Lines.  Formed by a series of dots, there are many linear variations.
  • Cross. Even in ancient times amongst the Ukrainians, the cross was revered as a symbol of life. There are many variations of the cross in pysanka design.  They are always symbolic of the Christian faith.
  • Plant motifs. Compositions in which plant motifs predominate fall under the category of spring, symbolizing the rebirth of nature and life.  These designs reflect the unrestrained longing expressed by the dormant plants.  These pysanky are talismanic not only for the growth of plants but for the general well-being of humans as well.
  • Animal motifs. Motifs based on zoomorphic representation are not as commonly used as are other categories.  Generally speaking designs from the Carpathian mountain region of western Ukraine use  these motifs along with geometric forms.  Their use reflects the close association of the mountainous peoples with their natural surroundings.  Many of these motifs were in use during pre-Christian times. 
  • Symbolism of Color...  The colors used in pysanka design are steeped in symbolism.  The most magical ancient pysanky were considered to be those having four or five colors, each carrying a message of good will for the recipient such as happy family life, peace, love, good health, or success.

Types of Ukrainian Eggs

Although they are often called "psyanki," there are many different types of Ukrainian eggs. Some are painted, others are etched, some use stickers or jewels, etc.

Booklet- All About Psyanki