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Questions 1-4
Fill in the highlighted blanks to answer/complete the statements
Another name for the arithmetic average of a set of numbers is the 
What is an outlier? 
Which measure of central tendency is most likely to be adversely affected by outliers
We compute standard deviation by taking the ..............of the variance
Question 5a-5d
For the following terms, write the equivalent mathematical symbol (letter or letters) for the sample statistic.
Question 6a-6c
These are the winning percentages for 11 baseball players for each one’s best 4-year pitching performance:
6-a) What is the mean of the scores? (Compute this using a calculator):  
6-b) What is the median of these scores?
6-c) Compare the mean and median. Does the difference between them suggest that the data are skewed very much? Explain.
Question 7a- 7f

At this website, (http://projects.newyorker.com/story/subway/) you will find an interactive graph concerning New York City’s geography and income.
Read the introduction and click on different “subway lines” to see how the interactive graph works.
Note that the abbreviations stand for the four different boroughs:§  MAN = Manhattan
§  BRX = Bronx
§  BRK = Brooklyn
§  QNS = Queens

Also note that hovering your mouse over the dots on the graph displays the subway stop and the median income of households in that area
7-a)     In which of the four boroughs is the median household income highest? (This is made evident as you click on the different lines.)
7-b)     Click on the “A” line. Does the line graph for Manhattan show high or low variability? What does this level of variability tell us about the household income in this area of Manhattan?
7-c)     Click on line 6. Though both boroughs depicted show some variability, which borough (not a street) shows the most variability in median household income
7-d)     On line 3, find the following two subway stops: Chambers Street (the second of the highest Manhattan stops) and Pennsylvania Ave. (the first of the lowest stops in Brooklyn). What is the difference (calculate) between the median household incomes of the two areas
7-e)      Click on the “D” line. Which subway stop in Brooklyn seems to be an outlier
7-f)     Based on this module/week’s reading, why do you think the author of this graph chose the medianhousehold income instead of the mean household income to describe central tendency

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