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PSYC 354HOMEWORK 8Single-Sample T-TestWhen submitting this file, be sure the filename includes your full name, course and section.Example: HW8_JohnDoe_354B01Be sure you have reviewed this module/week’s lesson and presentations along with the practicedata analysis before proceeding to the homework exercises. Complete all analyses in SPSS, thencopy and paste your output and graphs into your homework document file. Answer any writtenquestions (such as the text-based questions or the APA Participants section) in the appropriateplace within the same file.Part I: ConceptsQuestions 1–3These questions are based on the Nolan and Heinzen reading andend-of-chapter questions.Part I: Questions 1a-1gFill in the highlighted blanks with the best word or words.1-a) You use a t-test when you know the population __mean______ but not the population__standard deviation______.The t-statistic indicates the distance of a sample mean from the __population1-b) mean______ in terms of estimated standard error units.The 2 groups compared in the single-sample t-test are the sample and the __popula-1-c) tion______.The number of scores that are free to vary when you are estimating a population pa-1-d) rameter from a sample is called the __degrees of freedom______.A researcher reports the results of a single-sample t-test as t(46) = 2.37. The degrees of1-e) freedom for this t-test are __58____, which means there were 59 total participants inthe researcher's sample.1-f) Based on the t tables, the critical values of the t-statistic for a two-tailed test with df =11 and a p level of 0.05 are ____+2.262____.Page 1 of 7 PSYC 354When your t-statistic in your results exceeds your critical cutoffs, you __reject______1-g) the null hypothesis.Part I: Question 2-3End-of-chapter problems:Complete the following exercises. If applicable, remember to show work in yourhomework document to receive partial credit.Explain what each part of the following statistical phrase represents, as it would be2) reported in APA format: t(8) = 2.98, p = .03t8Answer2.98AnswerpAnswer.033)AnswerAnswerCalculate the critical degrees of freedom and identify the critical t value for a singlesample t test in each of the following situations:3-a) Two-tailed test, N = 10, p = .10df= Answercritical t = Answer3-b) Two-tailed test, N = 36, p = .05df= Answercritical t = Answer3-c) One-tailed test, N = 81, p = .01df= Answercritical t = AnswerPage 2 of 7

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