4 Tutorials that teach Psychoanalytic Theory: Id, Ego, Superego
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Psychoanalytic Theory: Id, Ego, Superego

Psychoanalytic Theory: Id, Ego, Superego

Author: Barbara Ludins

This lesson will define and discuss Freud's view on the structure of personality through analysis of the id, ego, and superego.

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Psychoanalytic Theory: Id, Ego, Superego

Notes on Psychoanalytic Theory: Id, Ego, Superego


(00:00-02:12) Intro and the Id

(02:13-04:14) Superego

(04:15-05:19) Ego

(05:20-06:04) Recap

Terms to Know
  • Ego

    Part of the personality that directs and controls conscious thoughts.

  • Ego Ideal

    Standard for good behavior; when we meet this standard we fell pride.

  • Id

    Unconscious part of the personality that provides mental energy; driven by the desire for pleasure.

  • Libido

    Life force.

  • Superego

    The conscience; part of personality that judges and provides standards for behavior.