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Psychological Research: Analysis

Psychological Research: Analysis


This lesson will delineate the various ways to set-up and analyze research data.

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Introduction to Psychology

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Notes for "Psychological Research: Analysis"

Terms to Know

Statistical significance
The likelihood that the variables being studied are related, and that the results of the experiment are not the result of chance.

Placebo Effect
Improvement that is not attributed to the experimental condition, that comes from the subject’s mental state toward that experimental condition.

A fake pill (such as a sugar pill) or injection (such as a saline injection).

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
When the expectation of a result leads to or causes the result to occur.

Double-Blind Experiment
An experiment where subjects are assigned to groups and neither they nor the experimenter knows who is in experimental and control groups.

A particular type of study that looks at the results from many different studies on the same subject to come to broader conclusions.