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Psychology and slot machines

Psychology and slot machines

Author: Emma Shaw

It is curious how slot games moved from being an after-thought for most casinos to a staple for any gambling platform that wishes to retain relevance in the current market. Now, slot machines make up the highest percentage of played games and, in turn, a significant source of income for casinos. This increased preference for slots is attributed to exciting designs and themes.

The allure of slot machines goes beyond the external aspects and taps into human behavior. The psychology of slot machines allows people to indulge in the games for a different form of satisfaction that isn’t available in other games. That is why you will find that most casinos that accept Paysafecard Australia are keen on updating their game selections with the latest slot releases.

This concept of the relationship between psychology and slot machines roots from various psychologists, but we will look at two for this piece.

B.F Skinner

He put pigeons in a box and gave them food whenever they pressed the lever. At a point, he altered the process, and the food pellets are released at random presses. Over time, this conditioning made it that the pigeons pressed the lever more times to get more food.

This psychology relies on the aspect of tension and release. When the pigeons pressed the lever, and no food came out, there was an expectation that this anticipation and tension is released with the next press. This is the same concept used for slots.

Game developers have tapped into Skinner’s work, with slight adjustments on the number of times you get a reward. Slot machines balance how often you win since extended streaks of losing might make you quit the game; the same applies to too many wins.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The combination of intense and exciting activity, with a desire to unlock the prospect wins, blurs the concept of time. Mihaly’s work, in this area, shows that:

Each moment must have a goal
Rules must be clear on how to get to the goal
Immediate feedback is crucial
A challenge is attached to the feedback and goals

Gambling platforms implement these concepts. For instance, whatever your choice of an online casino Australia Paysafe is after reading a review, you will find specific instructions on deposits and withdrawals when using this payment method in online casinos. This clarity in rules allows you to explore different slot machines, select games that interest you, all while knowing what you stand to gain.

Application of Psychology in Slot Machines

Some aspect informs every aspect of gambling on online casinos of psychology. The following are examples of how it works:

Sound – most slots use sound as a way to entertain players and keep you engaged. Additionally, with the introduction of varying sounds during different play points, for instance, wins are more exaggerated with livelier music.
Coins – online casinos offer alternative payment methods to players. Some come with extra perks, but you end up playing with credits at the end of it, rather than money. When you claim a Paysafecard casino bonus, the promotional value, plus that of any deposits you make, are first converted to coins before you start playing. This makes it easier to accept losses and adds to the excitement of wins since you have to convert to your preferred currency.


Slot machine developers use every aspect to get you interested in the game. The themes are used to elicit nostalgia, FOMO, and familiarity. Also, although you might not realize it, you are more likely to play games with characters who are looking at you. This is because it feels like there is eye-contact, which is crucial for trust. The gaming industry’s intentionality to understand human behavior and use it to their advantage is working, and there is continued innovation on the same.

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