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Public Speaking Introductions

Public Speaking Introductions

Author: LTP 1000

Learning Objective for This Topic:

Students will understand, write, and deliver a proper speech introduction, which includes the following: attention grabber, audience relevance, credibility statement, and a preview statement that includes each main point of the speech.

NOTE - This tutorial covers the understanding of this material. The writing and delivery will be done in class.

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4 Components of an Introduction

Source: Layne Paubel's Adobe Spark Post

Public Speaking Introductions

Watch this short lecture on the components of a public speaking introduction.

Source: Layne Paubel's Adobe Spark Creation

Public Speaking Introductions - Adobe Spark Presentation

This is the Adobe Spark Page that was used in the above video. You can review the information here. I also recommend that you copy and paste this link into your search engine ( to go to the presentation document, print off the information, and take notes on it!

Source: Layne Paubel's Adobe Spark Page Creation