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Publishing and Unpublishing a Packet

Publishing and Unpublishing a Packet

Author: Marble Happy

How to publish and unpublish a packet in Sophia.

A step-by-step approach to the business of publishing a packet in Sophia and taking it down if you are not satisfied or need to make a correction.

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The first step to publishing a packet

You have to make some important decisions

Below is a screen shot of the Configuration tab:


In order to publish, you need to select whether you want to: 

  • publish to the world (2nd choice)
  • publish to a select group (3rd choice) 
  • save the packet.

To Unpublish

To unpublish a packet - go back to Configuration:

  • select #1 (see below - red arrow) 
  • click on "Save Packet" (green button - lower right)

Your packet will no longer be available to Sophia users.