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Pumpkin Book Project

Pumpkin Book Project

Author: julie kelly

Texas Tech Apps:

Creativity and Innovation:

1A  Create original products using a variety of resources

Communication and Collaboration:

2A) draft, edit, and publish products in different media individually and collaboratively

2F) perform basic software application functions, including opening applications and creating, modifying, printing, and saving files.

Research and Information Fluency:

3A) use various search strategies

3B) collect, and organize information from a variety of formats, including text, audio, video, and graphics

Technology operations and concepts:

6B) manipulate files using appropriate naming conventions, file management, including folder structures and tagging, and file conversions

Design a Pumpkin Book Character.

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Idea Search!

*Begin your creative thinking process by browsing through Google Search of previously created Pumpkin Book Characters.   What should you type in the search box?  Think of the keywords related to this project! 

*Notice the "out of the box" thinking in these displays.  My goal is for each of you to think of your own favorite book character.  Bring that character alive through your pumpkin!  Have fun with this!  Think "out of the box" when it comes to your design.


*Take a few "selfies" during the search stage to add to our final product. 


*Once you have made a decision regarding your book and character, you are ready to advance to the 2nd stage of this tutorial.


Educreations- Directions for Sketching

ThingLink App: Final Product

  1. ThingLink is an app that allows you to use one photo as your cover sheet.  On top of this photo you can add hyperlinked videos and photos to attach to your main photo.  This is much like a QR code.
  2. Use ThingLink to create a final product that shows your progress on this project from beginning, middle, and end.  . 
  3. Include one video of you including this information:
    • ​​why you selected this book and where you found this book
    • describe your character using traits
    • describe your pumpkin and explain how it matches the book
  4. Upload your Think Link product to the Google Classroom folder, Pumpkin Project Final, ThingLink.