Punctuating Titles

Punctuating Titles

Author: Shanna Stovall

At the end of this lesson, students will know when to use italics and quotation marks when punctuating titles.

Students will watch a video and a slideshow on how to punctuate titles.  Students will take notes (complete a WSQ), and complete a short practice.

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Assignment for Punctuating Titles lesson

1. Complete a WSQ for this lesson:

  • Watch the video and the slideshow.
  • Summarize the video and slideshow.
  • Question: Come to class with a question about punctuating titles.

2. Complete the quick practice at the end of the video.

Source: Shanna Stovall

Punctuating Titles

Watch the video on how to punctuate books, poems, short stories, articles, plays, articles, etc.

Source: You Tube

Punctuating Titles

Review the slide show about when to use quotation marks and when to use italics.

Source: created by Shanna Stovall