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Punctuation Practice

Punctuation Practice

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These slides will help introduce you how and why we use punctuation in sentences! Pay close attention if you wish to be part of the winning team tomorrow in class! :)

The Punctuation People!

Please watch this video! "The Punctuation People" provide a fun and simple sing along to help explain when and where commas, periods, exclamation points, and question marks are needed in a sentence.

Key Things to Remember!

Listed below are some important things to think about before moving onto the next activity...

1) Why do we place periods, exclamation points, or question marks at the end of a sentence?

2) Why do we place commas within a sentence?

3) How many items need to be listed in a sentence for commas to be needed? 

Hungry to Learn!

I will have written the story below out on paper for class tomorrow. Each group will have their own copy of the story to work with. Now, here is the challenge...our story needs revising! There are several commas, periods, exclamation points, and question marks missing within the story! It will be your job as a group to place macaroni that I will provide you with where all the missing punctuation marks should be. The first group to have a perfectly punctuated story will have won and their story will be hung up in the classroom! Practice revising this story tonight for homework so you will be well prepared for the in class competition tomorrow!



Jessica runs down the stairs and yells to her mother with excitement that today is her birthday She has been so excited all week that she forgot to go to the store and buy everything she needs for her birthday party tomorrow. Her mother reminds her to pick up the ingredients so that they can bake her cake when she gets home from school. Jessica and her mother will need milk eggs frosting and candles. Unfortunately, Jessica is so excited about her birthday in school that she interrupts the class several times and her teacher asks her to stay after school for detention Running late, Jessica hurries to the store to buy everything she needs. She does not return home with the cake ingredients until very late. Is Jessica going to have enough time to bake her cake and decorate for her birthday party before her friends arrive tomorrow morning