Push and Pull Theory of Migration

Push and Pull Theory of Migration

Author: Taishika Knight

To learn the Push-Pull Theory of Migration and the factors that contribute to people moving to or from a location.

This will be the second lesson for the unit. Students will learn the Push-Pull theory that helps explain the migration/movement of societies to and from a location. Students will also learn the role of wants and needs associated in driving migration (Push-Pull theory).

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Introduction video

This is a video of me introducing the lesson and letting you know what is involved in this flipped lesson.

I "CAN" Statements

Here are your I "CAN" Statements- things that you will be able to do by the end of the lesson.

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Push-Pull Theory

Here is a YouTube video about the Push-Pull Theory presented by Mr. Justin Howard. He discusses social, economic, political, and environmental push and pull factors.

Source: Justin Howard (YouTube video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXQd21to6xg)

Push and Pull Theory of Migration (rural-to-urban)

Here is a PowerPoint about the Push-Pull Theory of Migration that further discusses the push and pull factors. There are answers at the end for you to answer.



Hope you enjoyed the lesson! Please be prepared to understand the difference between the push factors and the pull factors. Tomorrow, I will be giving you scenarios and you are going to have to tell me which factor it is and why.

Have a great evening!

-Ms. Knight