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Putting Artifacts on your ePortfolio

Putting Artifacts on your ePortfolio

Author: 2014 Portfolio
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Putting a player on your site to play your .mp3

Embed an audio file (.wav or .mp3) to your Google Site.

1.  Very Important... To embed an audio file to be "played" on your site, the audio file must first be uploaded to your Google site (Click on Add Files at the bottom of the page).

2.  Once completed, look for the "download" link or arrow.  Right click on this and choose COPY LINK LOCATION.   Depending on the browser you are using it may say "Copy Link Address" or "Copy Link Location".

3.  Go to the page you would like your audio file to play, click Edit.

4. Place your cursor where you would like the audio file to play.
Go to Insert menu > select More Gadgets

5. Choose PUBLIC

​6.  Search for "Google Audio Player" (yes, use the quotes for the search or it will not find this gadget.  There will be two, CHOOSE THE SECOND ONE)

7. A properties box will appear.  There will be a box to paste the Address you copied. Get rid of the one that is there and paste yours in.

8.  Say yes or no in the next box.  Yes if you want it to begin playing right away, no if you don't.

Click "OK" when done. 
Just like many other objects you insert, it will not appear until youSAVE your page.

Give it a go!

Embedding things on your ePortfolo

Embedding is when you actually put the artifact on your page using HTML code. It does not link you out to your artifact, the artifact shows up right on your page.


Embedding a Glogster


Embedding a Voki


Adding Artifacts to you portfolio

There are several ways to add things to your ePortfolio. Below you will find a handout and several videos to choose from. Please choose the directions that work best for you!


Inserting an image file from your Drive

Inserting an image file from your Google Drive to your ePortfolio Google Site.

Inserting a Google Document on your ePortfolio

This will show you two different ways to insert a google document in your ePortfolio.

Insert Google Presentation into your ePortfolio

How to insert a Google Presentation into your ePortfolio.

Adding Music Files to your ePortfolio

This handout will help you create a file cabinet page to store the music files you create.