Qlikview Online Training

Qlikview Online Training

Author: Ramya Menon

​MindMajix is the Globally Professional Online Training Institute. We believe “The Art of Teaching is The Art of Assisting Discovery”

MindMajix is the Globally Professional Online Training Institute. We believe “The Art of Teaching is The Art of Assisting Discovery”

MindMajix is pleased to announce to offer QlikView Online Training starting from today. This course is offered every week starting from Jan 1, 2014.

The objective of this training is to provide hands on experience and in depth understanding of the following modules of QlikView.

Course Modules

- QlikView Introduction

- QlikView Basics

- Handling Sheets and Sheet Objects

- Loading Data Into QlikView

- List Boxes and Statistics Boxes

- Bar Charts and Pie Charts

- Pivot Tables and Straight Tables

- More Chart Types

- Multi Boxes,Table Boxes and Input Boxes

- Explore Buttons,Text Objects and Line/Arrow Objects

- Explore Sliders, Current Selection Objects and Bookmarks

- Document Properties, User Preferences and Reload

- Associating Data From Many Tables and Concatenating Tables

- Working with Tables and Layout Themes

- Loading Additional Files

- Linking External Information to a Document

- More about Associations

- Explore Load Inline,Field Groups and Cyclic Display

- Loading Cross Tables

- And-Mode in a List Box

- Explore Number Formats

- Working with Security features


Course Highlights of QlikView:


-LIVE Instructor-led Online Classes on weekends.

-24x7 on-demand technical support for assignments, queries, quizzes, project, etc.

-Downloadable class recordings, PPTs, project docs, sample codes, etc.

-Flexibility to reschedule your classes.

-Lifetime access to Mindmajix's Learning Management Portal.



About MindMajix Technologies

MindMajix is the largest provider of high quality online training courses. MindMajix is conceptualized and initiated by several multi-disciplinary and ingenious software technocrats having a combined experience of more than 10 yrs in the industry.


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